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With the luxometer light meter you can now know exactly how many lumens your plants are getting; efficient and affordable.

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Control the exact amount of lumens your plants are getting and find out what kind of quality light they’re getting, as it’s quite hard to tell simply by looking at the lights. If you check your new bulbs you’ll be able to tell when they’ve lost their power or at what height to set your lights.

It has a button used to measure numbers from 10, from 200 and from 1000 as the screen only has 3 numbers. It can gauge up to 200000, and your plants need 45000 to flower so you’ll be able to tell if they’re not getting enough.

When you have to have your bulbs much too close to the plants, you need to switch the light out for another. recommends keeping your old lights, even if they’re not useable anymore, as a last resort if you have light issues on a Sunday and shops in your area are closed.


  • 200.000 Lux range.
  • Test frequency: twice a second.
  • CIE phototypical.
  • Automatic gauge selection.
  • Max and minimum meter memory.
  • Lux/FC option.
  • Automatic information register.
  • LCD digital screen
  • Low battery indicator
  • It uses x2 AAA batteries
  • 180g
  • 185 x 55 x 30mm (meter) 87 x 55 x 20mm (gauge)

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Category Components and accessories Reference Luxómetro EAN13 04085017 UPC 20

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