Agrolite SHP Dual Bulb

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Its color s, suitable for both the growth and flowering of your plants, and its low price, make the Agrolite Gro & Flo a good choice.

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With this light bulb, you can light your grow space whichever the stage of development, since it’s suitable both for the growth and for the flowering of our plants.

They’re the most used light bulbs because of their low price and, since bulbs are replaced very often, they’re a good choice for all budgets.

Despite its high durability, you have to replace the bulbs every 3 or 4 crops, as they lose intensity over time. Available in several powers, you can choose from 250W up to 1000W. 

All discharge bulbs need a ballast to operate.

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Category HID grow lights (High Intensity Discharge Bulbs) Reference Bombilla Agrolite SHP Mixtas UPC 20

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