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Phillips Green Power Bulb provides your plants with the best light for both the growth and flowering, much like the summer sun.

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Now, you don’t have to change bulbs every time you change the photoperiod of your crop, since the Philips Green Power lamp provides your plants with a yellow-orange light very similar to that of the summer. 

That spectrum will make your plants grow and bloom better under hat light that will blind you for a while if you stay too much in the grow room without protective goggles.

This bulb is made of long-lasting, top-quality components. Also, the build of lamp itself has been designed to resist both vibrations and small impacts.

The bulb’s protective glass withstands high temperatures (up to 450ºC) and is made of high-density and completely transparent glass, which won’t reduce the lumens produced by the bulb.

The durability of this bulb reaches up to 28,000 hours of continuous operation, what guarantees several crops with an unmatched product quality. It reaches its 100% power in 3 to 5 minutes after turning it on, so you shouldn’t worry if the spectrum doesn’t look very powerful during the first minutes.

Each bulb weighs 0.190 kg, has a diameter of 47mm and a length of 286mm. 

With just a few lights, your room will become is a true tanning salon where your plants will grow just like in a garden but with good weather every day.

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