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Large reflector kit with a ballast and light bulb to choose, so you can customize your grow space to your liking

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The large reflector lighting kit, in addition to covering a larger grow area, distributes the light better and sends it horizontally downwards, ensuring a more balanced production. The plants on the edges grow better and more balanced. This kit provides a much better reflection and better use bulb’s power.

The large reflector consists of a Stuko reflector with a Monster Wings supplement. With it, you’ll have a larger reflector that will cover more space.

You can choose the ballast model that you like the most, from among the best models on our website. You can choose from the simplest models to the most advanced and adjustable electronic ballasts. You can also choose from different powers and brands like Lumatek, Agrolite, Vanguard or Eti. The power of the ballast you choose will determine the power of the bulb that can be used.

If there's no bulb of the required power, th system won’t lent you buy the kit. There are bulbs like the Lumatek, that is only available in 600w kits, and others such as the Philips Son-T Pia Plus, that are available for all ballast powers.

You can also choose the light bulb from among the best brands (Lumatek, Sunmaster, Philips, Agrolite, Sylvania). You can also choose between growth, flowering or dual light bulbs.

Contents of the large reflector lighting kit:

  • One light bulb to choose from several brands (Sunmaster, Philips, Sylvania, Agrolite o Lumatek) and spectra.
  • One ballast to choose from several electronic and magnetic models and several powers.
  • Monster Wings large reflector.
  • Connection cables. If the ballast has a Plug & Play connection, we include the required cable and plug.

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