Lumatek 400-watt Dimmable Lighting Kit

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Complete lighting kit with a Lumatek ballast, a dual light bulb to choose from Sylvania or Philips Green Power and a reflector of your choice. The price changes depending on the bulb and the reflector.

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Now you can grow with the Lumatek 400w dimmable electronic kit, which provides the best lighting performance. One of the best ballasts in our catalogue. It can be dimmed from 250W to 600W-Superlumen. With it, you’ll be able to adjust the light power to your grow space, the plants stage or the temperature of the crop.

A light bulb to choose from among the best brands, such as Phillips, Sunmaster, Sylvania, Agrolite and those of the own Lumatek brand. There lamps with spectra for the growth or flowering, but you can always use a dual light bulb with your lighting kit.

This kit is complete with a reflector of your choice, making it a fully customized lighting equipment. Reflector to choose from Cool Tube (125mm or 150 mm), Smooth/hammertone, Adjust-a-Wings Enforcer (several sizes) or Adjust-a-Wings Avenger (several sizes).

Be sure to remove the protective plastic sticker that usually comes with the reflector before you plug the Kit into the mains. All kits come with a Plug & Play cable to easily connect the ballast.

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