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Adjust-a-Wings Enforcer Reflector, the old-time Adjust-a-Wings in several sizes. Before, there only existed the Medium and now there are a Small and a Large, depending on your needs.

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A reflector that covers larger spaces than a regular one, while also horizontally reflecting the light towards your plants. With the Adjust-a-Wings, you’ll have more homogeneous crops since all the plants are receiving the same light.

You can use a Spreader (not included) so that the plants in the centre doesn’t receive more light than the others. In addition, you could get the lamp closer to the plants. If you have no Spreader, just keep the lamp farther away.

Before, this reflector was only available in Medium size. Now, you can also choose the Small (suitable for 250-watt bulb) or the Large, suitable for two 600-watt light bulbs if you buy the additional light socket.

The Medium model is the old-time classic, suitable for 400W and for 600W, and can be opened or closed depending on the area that has be lit. A quality reflector for quality growers.


  • - Small: (54 x 38) cm
  • - Medium: (70 x 55) cm
  • - Large: (100 x 70) cm

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