CoolTube Conversion Kit for Adjust-a-Wings


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Conversion kit to be able to use a CoolTube with your Adjust-a-Wings reflector. You also have the option to include the 125mm CoolTube.

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With this kit, you can attach a CoolTube to your Adjust-a-Wings reflector because, without these parts, it’s difficult to fit the tube to the Wings.

You'll enjoy the benefits of removing the heat with the CoolTube, while covering a larger crop area with the Adjust a Wings.

The conversion kit is sold by itself but, if you don’t have a CoolTube but do have an Adjust-a-Wings reflector, you can buy the 125mm + CoolTube kit, which will come at a better price than if you buy it separately.

Very easy to assemble since its parts only fit one place. If you have any doubts, you can always ask our team.

You’ll enjoy the benefits of a CoolTube, such as lowering the grow room’s temperature up to 3ºC. In addition, you’ll have the advantages of the Adjust-a-Wings which will better spread the light of your MH lights. 

This kit will significantly improve your results right from the start.

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