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The CoolTube Glass Reflector makes the extraction air pass around the bulb, removing much of the heat generated by the lamp.

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With this CoolTube reflector in your indoor crop, you can lower the excessive temperature a few degrees. It will also let you get the light closer to your plants, so their tips will yield better productions.

The extractor will push the air around the light bulb, removing almost all the heat generated by the lamp.

It’s so simple that anyone can try and check the effectiveness offered by this device. It’s reliable, versatile and long lasting since it’s made of the best materials, which have been specifically selected for their high resistance to heat, high humidity and long periods of uninterrupted use.

Be careful when assembling it, do not let air come out through the joints or you can end up having smell problems.

Be sure to remove the protective plastic sticker on the reflector before plugging the it into the mains. 

With this CoolTube Glass, you’ll have a better and greater control over your crops.

Obtain awesome results at an unbeatable price.

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