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Growlite OG Reflector has a high parabolic reflection, enclosed in a hard and sturdy frame. It helps achieve a better light distribution throughout your crops, cooling it as much as possible.

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Growlite OG air-cooled reflector with which you can grow your plants with the minimal heat. The bulb in this reflector is placed perpendicularly, unlike other reflectors.

This way, the light is spread across the width of the crop, making the light penetrate the lower sections of the plants, ensuring they form properly from the bottom to the top. This reflector covers an area of ​​80cm x 80cm up to 1m x 1m or so, but with much better shaped plants than with regular reflectors.

You can connect several in line, what means you can place several in a small space, multiplying the light in your grow space. You can clean it easily, due to the glass’ lock, without having to disassemble anything else.

Because of the way is has to be refrigerated, you’ll need an inline filter to eliminate the smell from your extraction.


  • Length 56cm.
  • Width 56cm.
  • Height 33cm.


  • Longer lamp life
  • Superior photometric performance
  • Patented reflector design
  • Removable ducts 
  • Removable plates for use with no fans.
  • Cooler lamps and housings reduce heat load issues
  • Made of heavy-duty 22-gauge steel
  • 1/8" thick tempered glass lens
  • Removable door for easy lamp access and cleaning
  • Standard w/15’ cord and ballast plug
  • One (1) pair of V-hooks for mounting
  • UL Listed for damp locations

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