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Coco Atami substrate is an ideal medium to grow marihuana; it increases our production and improves the assimilation of oxygen.

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We know perfectly that cannabis plants need good aeration and nutrients in the root zone; with Atami Coco substrate we will give them the benefits of soil while approaching as much as possible to a hydroponic cultivation. But

Growing on coco is similar to rockwool but unlike coco, that retains more nutrients, it needs been watered almost daily. We always have to provide specific nutrients for coco grow and adjust the EC and pH of the solution so that they can assimilate them. Atami range of products is specifically designed to obtain great success crops both in quality and quantity. As for its structure, the root aeration is perfect, so your plants will grow healthy and strong during the whole culture and the production will increase by comparison with cultivation on soil. At every irrigation we will have to get that 10-15% of water drains out underneath so that the salts of the previous irrigation go out and to add new nutrients.

When adding Coco Atami to the soil we will improve the quality of the substrate as for water retention and aeration, a better sponginess of the molecular structure, the roots will be permanently cared for and available to eat to the maximum and it will be much easier for you to install an automatic watering system.

The sack is available in 50 liter size.

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