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Flower Cochineal insecticide to eradicate pests. It is not very common to encounter cochineal plagues, but when it happens, it can involve a real loss in your crop since hundreds of them appear all at once.

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Flower Cochineal Insecticide is a powerful non-systemic product that helps you fight cochineals through ingestion and by respiratory route, helping you defeat them in a short time.

Dactylopius coccus, better knows as cochineals, are sucking insects and parasites of plants. They live stuck to the stems and trunks of plants and that's where they die. Once you have applied the product, wait for a few days and then remove dead cochineals with a cloth and potassium soap.

It contains chlorpyrifos, a very powerful active principle to fight tough insects such as cochineals or whiteflies. Use it once a week until you manage to eradicate the plague.

The manufacturer's recommended dose is 1.5-2mL per L of water. Spray it on your plants, particularly where the plague is mainly concentrated, on the stems of the plants and also on the undersides of leaves.

Stop using it 3 weeks before cutting to avoid product traces in the final product.

Doses and instructions for use:

  • 1.5-2ml per L of water
  • Chlorpyrifos (48% P/V - 480g/L)
  • Always use a mask, gloves and goggles when handling this product
  • Waiting Period: 21 days
  • Avoid contact with eyes, wounds and mucous. 

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