Flower 40ml - red spider mite and mite acaricide


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Eradicate red spider mites and mites with Flower 40ml Acaricide. Effective against plagues of red mite and all kinds of mites. Also useful as a preventive treatment.

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1ml/L of Flower Acaricide sprayed on your plants will be enough to eradicate mites and spider mites in your plants. Spray it every few days and the plague will disappear progressively.

It is very effective even when the pests are really strong -although you might not be able to do much for the plants at that stage. Use it as a preventive treatment and in all seedlings coming from a different location before you put them in your indoor garden if you don't want to regret it afterwards.

It contains Abamectin, a compounds which has proved to be very effective against mites such as the red spider one.

Doses and instructions for use of Flower Acaricide:

  • Blend 0.5-1ml of product with 1L of water and spray your plants, particularly the underside of leaves. Spray it once a week at most, to avoid immunity issues.
  • Stop spraying 21 days before the cutting to avoid getting chemical traces on your weed which might hinder bud quality.

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