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This GSE temperature controller can control negative pressure, allowing you to keep a balance between an extractor and intractor so that no smells can get out.

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With the GSE temperature controller and its negative pressure controller you can easily stabilize the temperature in your grow, keeping a nice balance in your air filtration system.

The negative pressure is used to ensure that the extractor is letting more out than the intractor is letting in so that no nasty flavors can get out – all of the air in your grow should go perfectly through your odor filter and out the extractor.

The GSE controller is has two simple buttons. You can also connect two extractors if you want if you have plenty of air flow.

The cable is about 4 meters long and has a water-proof box you can put it in, the plugs have a lid and the sensor is quite low in power, making it safer for your grow.

Size and technical details:

  • Case: 130x80x70mm
  • Controller: 160x100x90mm
  • Designed for: 2x600w/TRIAC 2x3A
  • Voltage: 230v / 50Hz
  • Digital Sensor: 5V measures temperature from -55ºC until +125ºC (-67ºF until 257ºF)
  • 0.5ºC precision from -10ºC until +58ºC
  • Protection class: IP54

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Category GSE Products Reference GSE2 EAN13 12022018 UPC 36

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