10L Self Watering Bag


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Self watering bag that distributes water from the reservoir (bad) to 6 tubes, each of them equipped with its own dripper to regulate water flow individually.

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Thanks to the self watering bag you'll have 10L to water up to 6 plants by dripping irrigation by means of their own individual and adjustable dripper. All you have to do is fill the bag and it will water the plants by itself.

The device consists of a bag from which a hose comes out and to which we'll connect the drippers. Each dripper has its own valve to give way to water flow or interrupt it. We can choose how much water we want to be dripped on each pot. Drippers are set in line with the tube, except for the last one which is a Tee-piece.

This implies there are not 6 hoses coming out from the bag but just a single one from where we'll get watering points. Very versatile, it's ideal for growers who don't have much time. All they'll have to do is fill the bag with mineral fertilizers and that's it!

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