5 stage reverse osmosis filter

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5-stage reverse osmosis filter. It comes with a pressure tank to help achieve the minimal pressure required for the filter to work (2.6 bar).

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This 5 stage osmosis filter is used to eliminate any salt residues or other leftover things in your irrigation wáter, reducing EC levels to 0 making for a quality similar to bottled wáter.

This 5 stage osmosis filter will ensure that you get the absolute most out of your water quality, whether it’s for watering your plants or drinking. It is a top quality filter that gets rid of salts and other sediments that can be found in water like heavy metals, pesticides and chlorine.

An excess of salts in your grow can be a major problem that can end up severely affecting your final yield and if you’re growing in hydroponics it’s almost impossible to grow properly without an osmosis filter because the EC from your tap water is probably extremely high, and you’ll need an EC of 0.0 or 0.1 if you want a smooth grow.

This filter guarantees top quality water that honestly, can only compare with bottled water.

The model that includes a pressurized water tank means that you’ll always have water available, although when the water in the tank is low enough the pressure will also lower. Once it’s empty, it will fill up again making sure that you always have pressure pumped water at your disposal.

The model that doesn’t include the tank is perfect for those that have large water tanks, and you’ll just need to calculate the capacity of your tank and the amount of hours that you’ll need to keep it on.


  • 190L/dia

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