Wassertech Battery-powered irrigation system


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Fantastic Battery-powered automatic irrigation system by Wassertech. It comes with a water pump and the watering timer. Connect the system to a water tank and it will deal with all the watering process.

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Wassertech automatic irrigation system will let you water up to 10 plants without moving a single finger, both indoors and outdoors. It is waterproof, so it will not be a problem to keep it in the open air. It comes with a 10m long pipe and it will let you irrigate up to 10 plants with a single electronic device.

Connect it to a water tank to catch water, programme your irrigation schedule with the watering timer and let the system deal with everything while you're not there.

Keep in mind this is a battery-operated system and therefore, you'll have to check on its condition. Otherwise, you risk to jeopardize your crop since, for instance, plants could be left with no water in the sun.

It is very easy to install and handle so we recommend it to all kinds of grower, both novice and experienced ones.

Technical specifications:

  • It waters up to 10 plants
  • Water pump included
  • 10m of vinyl pipe included
  • Frequency programmer
  • Watering duration programmer
  • Fast and easy to install

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Category Wassertech Products Reference sistema irrigación EAN13 13068014 UPC 36

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