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Wassertech Watering Timer allows you to select how much water is used and for how long is supplied. You can set it to water from 1 minute to 2 hours and for periods of 1 hour to 1 week.

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Wassertech Watering Timer will help you water your plants automatically in the periods you choose according to the needs of your plants.

Wassertech timer includes some dials which let you select the duration of the watering and how much water you want to be supplied. It is battery-powered so you don't have any problems to use it with your outdoor grow op or guerrilla-style crop.

Place it in a pressure pipe and the timer will open or close the shut-off valve according to the parameters you've set.

Keep in mind batteries don't last forever so don't let more than 1 week without checking on your plants. If the timer runs out of battery, plants could dry out due to a lack of irrigation or, on the contrary, they could be flooded if the timer stops working while the valve is open.


  • It employs an efficient solenoid shut-off valve
  • 15 possible combinations
  • Up to 8 daily watering periods
  • It is possible to set the timer to water your garden only when evaporation is lower
  • This timer will restrict watering times of your pots and garden according to the chosen programme
  • Batteries (AAA) are NOT included

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