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White Russian Auto by Serious Seeds is a strain that has some very good results, whether grown indoors or outdoors, since it produces so much high quality resin. All of its Indica, heavy hitting effects in a plant that takes just 75 days after seeding.

Flavor Earthy
Climate Rainy
Effect Medicinal relaxant
Genotype Autoflowering
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White Russian Auto by Serious Seeds is one of the new, auto flowering versions by the Dutch seed bank. It is an Indica plant that likes the heat quite a bit, more than other autos, which is why you should plant it where it can get the most sun possible in order to get better yields and some more powerful effects, since the UVA rays will activate the THC and make it much more potent.

Indoors, it grows high and slender, forming lots of branches that will point up, but as they flower begin to droop under the weight of the buds at their tips, making for some plants with the typical Fir tree shape that will be about 1m tall by the end of the grow with yields that can reach 90g per plant easily.

You can also try this plant in outdoor grows, like in balconies or small gardens. It is a variety that tolerates the cold nights at the end of Summer well which will allow you to grow it later to still get some great results. Like most auto flowering plants, they love the sun and if they get a good exposure to sunlight, they will reward you with plants covered in resin and long, heavy buds, that could even break branches. They will be ready in 75 days after planting. 

White Russian’s flavor is hard and fresh at the same time, with a strong initial flavor of pine and spices. It has an earthy and lemony background when you savor its smell, quite commercial. The high is an Indica that is quite demolishing and very sedating, which will leave you perched on the sofa to enjoy your free time with a smile on your face.

  • Sativa/Indica: 45/55%
  • Flowering: 70-75 days indoors and outdoors.
  • Height: 1.2-1.6m indoors and outdoors.

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