Green Poison Auto

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The auto flowering version of Green Poison, is a real pleasure to grow and to smoke since gives some good yields of a bud with a great head high.

Flavor Earthy
Climate Hot
Effect Creative-stimulant
Genotype Autoflowering
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Green Poison Auto by Sweet Seeds is a very potent marijuana variety that will give you some powerful effects, it will even leave you tongue-tied sometimes. The auto version of this strain gives you the same qualities as the seasonal but in just 55-60 days after germinating.

Indoors and in grow closets, with 4 plants you will fill out a grow closet of 1x1m and get the maximum production out of them, up to 500g per square meter, a real champ. With Green Poison Auto, you will get plants that are about 1 meter tall, with long, lateral branches that will space themselves out perfectly to receive the most amount of light possible and be able to give you its best yield of thick, compacted buds, with some exotic colors inherited by its Diesel parents.

You should try this plant outdoors, wherever it can receive the most amount of light possible to be able to get the max out of them. With a good soil, you can get up to 150g off just one plant. If you live in colder climates you will have to plant them in May or June and get full benefit of Summer, so your plants won’t grow, nor will they flower during colder nights, since that would put them in danger of dwarfing.

Green Poison has a full array of aromas and very extensive flavors that are difficult to describe. You can notice the smooth reminiscences of forest and moss, with a slight touch of passion fruit. It is one of the varieties with the best high, since it’s clear and lucid and will give you some marijuana that is worthy of winning any cannabis contest you can enter.

  • Sativa/Indica: 30/70% 
  • Flowering: 7 weeks after germination.
  • Height: 0.7-1.4m indoors and outdoors.

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