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Category Dinafem

Cheese by Dinafem is a strain that makes for pungent plants that have a strong aroma and flavor. It has an energetic, mental effect that’s highly recommended for medicinal uses.

Flavor Earthy
Climate Rainy
Effect Medicinal antidepressant
Genotype Mostly Indica
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Original Cheese by Dinafem is a strain that was created by crossing a select Skunk with an Afghan plant, resulting in a Skunk with a stronger aroma and more resin. The buds will be much bigger, maintaining their Skunk shape. You’ll see hundreds of resinous buds that can be grown both indoors and outdoors.

Indoors it does quite well under a SCRoG mesh, allowing the branches and buds to sit at the same height. Towards the end of the flowering period the buds will grow massively. You’ll need a decent anti-odor system; if you have a large room we recommend using ozonizers. These plants grow massively and give quite a decent yield – 9 plants will be more than enough per square meter. Once you flip them to flower they’ll take a couple of weeks to get going. After 60 flowering days it’ll be ready to harvest; you can get 500g per square meter under a 600w grow light.

Outdoors this plant grows its best specimens in mild to hot climates, where it will be right at home. These plants can grow rather large, with thick leaves that will double in size when they begin flowering. Towards the end of the flowering period you’ll have a tree full of airy, open buds which is extremely useful for avoiding rot and fungi. Towards the beginning of October you’ll get an amazing 1kg per seasonal plant.

It has a strong, earthy, cheese-like flavor. Its smoke is dense and strong, perfect for those that are looking for a smoke that can fill your lungs. It has a stimulating mental effect with a moderate bodily relaxation effect. This weed is perfect for relaxing without feeling too stoned. This cannabis has a high CBD level, so it has less of a psychoactive effect. You can easily calm aches and pains without ending up couch-locked.

  • Sativa/Indica: 40/60%
  • Flowering: 8-9 weeks indoors, beginning of October outdoors.
  • Height: 1-1.2m indoors, 2-2.5m outdoors.

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