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Somango #47 by Positronics is a robust, productive and strong strain. This plant can grow sweet and hard buds with an earthy taste, satisfying even the most experienced of smokers.

Flavor Sweet
Climate Dry
Effect Medicinal antidepressant
Genotype Mostly Indica
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Somango #47 by Positronics is a plant that grows easily in any environment, appreciating as much sunlight as possible. It starts developing large and green leaves which allow it to receive loads of light and grow at full speed. Its branches and trunks become strong and grow into a structure capable of supporting future buds which are round and hard as stone and appear all over the plant.

When growing indoors, you'll be able to harvest it after some 70 days of flowering, enough time to ripen and develop abundant amounts of resin. With this easy-to-grow strain you'll be able to collect up to 500g per m2 (with around 11 plants per 600W lamp). The best part of this plant is the central cola: if you grow it from clones it grows into a single and long apical bud which is ideal for SOG methods, ensuring maximum production from this wonderful strain. It roots quite well and it's very easy to clone after a few days.

Grown outdoors, this strain will produce gigantic plants from which you'll be able to harvest up to 800g per specimen by the end of September. Some fruity hints will flood the air of your garden. However, when smoked it acquires more of an earthy flavor.

It does well with fungi, so you won't have any problems growing it in humid areas.

In terms of high, it provides quite a narcotic bodily relaxation mixed with the warm feeling gotten from smoking a joint on your own. However, be careful about important blood pressure drops!

  • Sativa/Indica: 25/75%.
  • Flowering: 10 weeks indoors, mid-October outdoors.
  • Height: 80-120 cm indoors. 2-3m outdors.

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