Double Glock

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Double Glock by Ripper Seeds is a 100% indica strain that has a typically Afghan flavor and effect; relaxing and deliciously hash-flavored.

Flavor Sweet
Climate Dry
Effect Medicinal relaxant
Genotype Indica
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Double Glock by Ripper Seeds is another 100% indica by Ripper Seeds that comes all the way from the Afghan valleys. It has everything you’d want in an indica plant, including an incredible amount of resin and intense narcotic effect with medicinal properties.

It flowers extremely fast indoors, taking just 65 days. It’s quite tall and not that wide, with a large central stem that yields plenty of hefty flowers. You’ll need to keep in mind that this strain needs a longer growth period than usual – 4 weeks at the most or at least 25 days under 18/6h. You should be able to harvest up to 450g/m2 in your grow tent.

Outdoors this plant needs quite a lot of nutrients to flourish; with regular, medium doses it should be happy enough. During the growth period it’ll need a hefty fertilizer as it absorbs quite a lot of nitrogen, and if it doesn’t get enough it can start to turn yellow. Double Glock should be ready to harvest towards the beginning of October, yielding up to 500g of delicious flowers per plant.

It has a sweet, earthy hash flavor alongside a physically relaxing effect that isn’t mentally stimulating or dampening; perfect for medicinal users that are looking to relax without feeling too stoned. Highly resinous and perfect for extracts.

  • Sativa/Indica: 0/100%
  • Flowering: 9-10 weeks indoors, October outdoors.
  • Height: 0.8-1.2m indoors, 1.8-2.2m outdoors.

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