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Prozack by Medical Seeds is a highly indica strain with an intense hash flavor and unique potency – it has balanced levels of THC and CBD; purely medicinal.

Flavor Hashish
Climate Rainy
Effect Sleep-inducing relaxant
Genotype Mostly Indica
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Prozack by Medical Seeds is a strain that has balanced cannabinoid levels that counteract the intense psychoactive effects of THC, allowing you to take advantage of the purely medicinal effects. Thanks to this, Prozack is an entirely medicinal plant that can be used to calm pains and issues such as insomnia.

Indoors these plants don’t grow too tall, and you might even want to give them more growth before flipping the lights; around 4 weeks should be enough. It will grow thick buds covered in a thick layer of top quality resin. This robust strain is ridiculously easy to grow; regardless of how much experience you have, you’ll enjoy growing this plant as well as the results it provides. It doesn’t grow that tall at all, although it’ll take around 75 days to finish flowering, producing up to 400g per square meter.

When planted outdoors, these plants are highly productive, producing up to 500g per plant – which’ll be ready to harvest around the beginning of October. Its bushy structure is a clear indication of its indica-dominance – so you’ll need to keep in mind how delicate it can be in as far as high temperatures and humidity. With regular feedings and plenty of nutrients you can get amazing results.

For recreational use, this plant is perfect for extracting hash and BHO due to its amount of resin and characteristically hash-like flavor.

  • Sativa/Indica: 20/80%
  • Flowering: 70-75 days indoors, end of September/beginning of October outdoors.
  • Height: 0.9-1.4m indoors, 1-2.7m outdoors.

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