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The productivity and vigor of Skunk#1 and the sativa and color ful part of Purple#1 give us Shaman. This is an ideal strain for outdoor cultivation where it will produce its best specimens.

Flavor Incense
Climate Cold
Effect Medicinal antidepressant
Genotype Sativa hybrid
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Shaman is a cannabis strain developed by Dutch Passion since 1980. A good selection has resulted in this robust f1 hybrid. This is a vigorous, very strong and above all, very potent strain. Shaman is the result of crossing Purple#1 and Early Skunk. The Purple genetics gives its calyces their very peculiar color . In the meantime, its Skunk part improves its productivity, the flavour/smell of the buds and the flowering speed. It's an elegant and distinctive plant that grows with a sativa structure. Internodal distance is long and buds are very large. This plant was thought to be grown outdoors or inside a greenhouse, where it can grow freely. It's very resistant to fungi and mites, which makes it a more then feasible option for unexperienced growers.

This plant shouldn't be grown indoors, since, as it happens with Purple#1, it prefers cold and humid climates. If we decide to grow it under the lamps, we'll have to bear in mind some special care it needs. Ideally, this plant should be grown from cutting and set directly at 12/12h. If we plant it from seed, we'll have to set many pots and do a Sea of Green (SoG). In this way, we'll keep its size under control. We could also set fewer plats and do a SCRoG with a net, allowing for a longer growth.

It is much easier to grow this plant outdoors, since it'll be able to grow freely without having to worry much about space. As its purple relative, we'll also have to do a winter sowing if we want to appreciate its full color spectrum. It grows vigorously so it shouldn't be necessary to use much NPK fertilizer. Shaman will take advantage of the nitrogen in the soil to feed up and grow. Its resistance to fungi such as mildew and mites such as the red spider mite, makes Shaman one of the healthiest outdoor varieties. We can even cut it in a more humid environment, even in a rainy one, and it shouldn't give us much trouble. In a land rich in minerals, we could get crops of up to 700g per plant in October.

The scent is a sweet and floral fragrance in the beginning. If we have our sense of smell well trained, we might be able to notice some touches of vanilla, jasmine and apricot, all of them combined with a minty and spicy background. Truly delicious. The flavour is bittersweet, combining a taste that matches its arome with an intense touch of caramel and sandal. With regard to the effect, it's invigorating and energizing for the brain. There's a very intense introspective part to it which will make you travel inside your subsconscious. Its physical effect is less noticeable. It'll relax you with its narcotic effect while you sink in the sofa at home.

  • Sativa/Indica: 87/13%
  • Flowering: beginning of October outdoors.
  • Height: 1-2.5m outdoors.

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