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A selection of Skunk from the 90's, remarkable for its productivity, but which really stayed on the market thanks to its strong exhilarating effect. It produces a very cerebral feeling of euphoria, very indicated against stress.

Flavor Sweet
Climate Cold
Effect Medicinal antidepressant
Genotype Sativa hybrid
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Euphoria by Dutch Passion is born of a selection of Skunk from 1996. This is the same selection from which strains such as Skunk 11 and Orange Bud were developed. This strain was initially noticed for its productivity. Then, its creators decided to keep it since it was also very potent. This plant has been awarded in many occasions since then, such as when it got the 1st prize Highlife Cup in 2002 and the 2nd prize HTCC in 2000. This is a strong, reliable and very stable plant. All specimens are really beautiful. This is one of the safe-bets you can try when it comes to grow. It's very easy to clone and all cuttings lead to vigorous and healthy plants. Its creators (breeders) usually choose it to carry on developing new crosses. It's a plant with medicinal properties that all growers should try. THC levels are about 18-20%.

Indoors, euforia can produce up to 550g per m2. It'll take some 50 to 55 days to be ready for harvesting since the start of the bloom. It's really quite a short time since this is a mainly sativa hybrid. Under the lamps, potency is notably increased. The plants you reap indoors will provide a much stronger high than their outdoor version. Its cultivation is not extremely easy, neither too hard. If you have some previous experience it shouldn't give you much trouble. Euforia will thrive in indoor settings and greenhouses.

Outdoors it requires special care. It's more adapted to cultivation in sheds and grow tents. You'll have to plant it somewhere warm but not too hot. It'll be advisable to put it where it gets sun and shade or under an umbrella. Despite these considerations, this plants needs many hours of sunlight in order to develop properly. It's ideal for climates with milder summers such as Oceanic or Continental climates but not really Mediterranean ones. If we manage to meet all its needs, we'll get plants which can yield up to 800g each. This is a true production beast if we planted directly in the ground. A good specimen of this strain in the open air will be outstanding in terms of flavor and resin, delighting those who dare growing it outside.

Euforia releases the typical Skunk aroma and flavour, sweet and fruity. Wild herbs and spicy touches are noticeable. It's quite sweet with spicy touches. The effect is cerebral and introspective while also exhilarating and invigorating. In the end, it will take you to a very pleasant state of calm and relaxation. Good as a medicinal plant.

  • Sativa/Indica: 75/25%
  • Flowering: 50/60 days indoors. Mid-October outdoors.
  • Height: 1m indoors. 1-1.5m outdoors.

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