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100% indica strain for the outdoors. When planted in a welcoming climate it can lead to 3.5m-high plants, full with buds of the highest quality. Relaxing effect.

Flavor Sweet
Climate Hot
Effect Medicinal relaxant
Genotype Mostly Indica
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Passion#1 by Dutch Passion. This strain descends from the Californian indicas which were brought to Holland in the 70s. This is a strong and vigorous plant. It's easy to sow and is also well-adapted to outdoor cultivation. The genetic makeup of this seed is mainly indica and its buds exhibit high concentrations of crystals. When it comes to manicuring, it's advisable to manicure just the large leaves. Small leaves are full of resin you can use. Passion 1 is a potent plant with THC levels close to 20% as revealed by lab readings. The original Californian indica plant became very coveted among the growers of that time soon. All the properties that made it became famous are still present in Passion#1 by Dutch Passion.

It won't yield to its best indoors since it's bred to be grown under the sun. However, we can also plant it inside and all will be fine as long as we provide it with special care. It is necessary to know how to keep its vegetative development under control or it'll become too tall. In order to do this we can set 20 pots or more in 1m2 and do a SoG. Thanks to the Sea of Green, we'll get many plants of reduced dimensions. It's better to plant them in 7l pots, never in larger ones. If we plant from cuttings, we can set them to flower directly at 12h. Another option would be to do a SCRoG with 5 or 6 plants. We'll be able to get about 400g per m2.

It's outdoors where we'll really get to see the properties of this plant. Passion 1 will be happy when planted in good soil and facing South in order to get as many hours of sunlight as possible. Plants can easily grow up to 3.5m. However, most of them tend to stay about 2m. If we want our plants to grow as much as possible, we must sow them in March and allow it to grow for as long as it can. We'll be able to get up to 750g per specimen.

Passion 1 taste and flavor are really alike. The muddy feeling is particularly marked and it gets intensified with every puff. In the end we'll get a citrus aftertaste that will remain in the palate for a while. This is a true delight that can also produce flavours of wild herbs blended with the former. The effect is 75% physical. It'll leave you stoned for hours and although it'll whet your appetite you won't want to get up to fix yourself a sandwich since you'll be perfectly calm and enjoying the feeling. Psychological effects, though less intense, are also noticeable. It'll make you feel like laughing and will give you a more psychedelic, blurred and introspective approach.

  • Sativa/Indica: 25/75%
  • Flowering: 50/60 days indoors. End of September until mid-October outdoors.
  • Height: 1m indoors. 2-3.5m outdoors.

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