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What else could we say about the super well-known Sunk#1? Strong, productive, fast, very tasty and with a demolishing effect. It's been around for more than 30 years and it's going to stay.

Flavor Sweet
Climate Cold
Effect Creative-stimulant
Genotype Sativa hybrid
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This cannabis strain which has won many cups, including the Cannabis Cup High Times, doesn't need a presentation. Skunk#1 is a 75% sativa hybrid, with genes from Afghanistan, Mexico and Colombia. Those strains were crosses among them to get the best quality. Dutch Passion brings out its version of regular seeds, perfectly stabilized and homogeneous. This plant, also known as "the skunk" due to its smell, in undoubtedly a classic among the classics. Most current commercial strains contain crosses of this fantastic variety. Skunk#1 is very easy to grow and quite productive. Many people just grow it because it's a very reliable plant. Crops of this variety tend to come out successfully in 99% of the times. More than 30 years of satisfied growers endorse this genetics. Buds develop in long colas, spread in all branches, from top to bottom, covering good part of the stalks with flowers.

Early to ripen, buds are hard and very resinous. This plant is one of the most appealing strains in the catalogue of this bank.

Indoors, this strain is a true production machine which can yield up to 50g per plant. That is, if we set 10 plants per m2 in l pots we'll be able to reap about 500g. There's no need to do a SoG or SCRoG in order to get a high production. It grows fast, so you just need to give it the right vegetative development. Sometimes, if we start from cuttings, we won't need to allows for any vegetative growth at all. It's important to have good equipment to eliminate odor s since there's good reason why this strain is well known for being one of the smelliest plants. It has very few leaves, which makes it easy to manicure when we harvest it. This is a perfect plant to do a mother.

Growing Skunk#1 is not complicated at all. It's not very demanding with regard to neither watering, nor nutrients. The harvest will go very well even if this is the first time we plant it. When planted in a very sunny area, providing we give it all the water they need, plants will become like Christmas trees. Skunk#1 specimens can reach 3m in height. When planted in March, directly in the soil, they will lead to huge productions of buds, sometimes beyond 1kg. When planted in a relatively large pot, Skunk#1 will also grow and produce a high yield. You can expect an average of 250g per plant.

It features a very sweet and tasty smell, typical of Skunk strains. Some bitter nuances can be appreciated, particularly if we haven't done a good curing. The taste is easily recognizable for being sweet, fruity and lemon-like. It's the flavor almost all hybrids of this genetics display. The effect is physical and psychological in equal parts. In terms of brain effect it will take to you to a meditative state, where you'll laugh at everything and it'll also activate your creativity. The body part is somehow less strong. However, you'll still feel its effects. An increase of appetite and a narcotic feeling are the most characteristic ones. This is an all-purpose plant with medicinal properties and can be used, for example, to fight pain.

  • Sativa/Indica: 75/25%
  • Flowering: 60 days indoors. Beginning of October outdoors.
  • Height: 50cm-1.5m indoors. 1-3m outdoors.

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