White Widow x The Ultimate® Regular :: Semillas Regulares Dutch Passion

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Very productive and easy-to-grow strain, particularly indicated for novice growers. This plant is the result of crossing White Widow x The Ultimate and it's only available in regular format, in 10-seed packs.

Flavor Earthy
Climate Hot
Effect Active-Alert
Genotype Hybrid
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White Widow x The Ultimate is a cannabis strain by Dutch Passion, a seed bank from Holland. This hybrid provides very large productions of huge buds that brim with resin. This plant is recommendable for both experts and novice growers who will enjoy growing it. It's a reliable, vigorous and sturdy plant. It's also very simple to grow since it will resist almost any setback that might occur. This plant is the result of blending of one the most powerful and original indica strains on the market, White Widow, with the most productive variety in Dutch Passion's catalogue, The Ultimate, which also features great potency. This plant will amaze everybody. It's quite oily when smoked.

Indoors, a 600W lamp can get you up to 500g of buds per m2. It'll take 70 days to complete its flowering due to the sativa percentage contributed by The Ultimate. It's not particularly difficult to grow indoors. By allowing for a longer vegetative development we can maximize the harvest. Another option would be to set a net and do a SCRoG. This plant would be perfectly appropriate for your first indoor crop. It'll give you good results despite having little experience or none. If you are an experienced grower in this environment, you'll also appreciate its qualities. It yields quality crops and fantastic weights.

Outdoors, we'll be able to reap it by mid or end of September. However, some growers wait for a bit longer so that buds become more ripe. If we plant it in March, we will collect between 400g and 600g. This is one of the most powerful and resinous hybrids on the market. It appreciates sun and heat and we must endeavour to expose it to sunlight as many hours a day as possible. It doesn't need much water, but if we plant it guerrilla it's better to set an irrigation system since it might suffer from extreme heat in the summer.

The aroma and flavor remind somehow of a Haze plant, a feature inherited from its Ultimate mother. Nonetheless, incensed and sweet touches prevail. The background is very marked by pine-tree notes or even muddy ones. The effect is powerful and similar to sativas' one, although it's not invigorating. It'll keep you awake and it's also relaxing and boosts imagination. If there's something funny, it'll make you laugh for hours but it won't produce this effect without an external stimulus. Its medicinal properties are not especially outstanding, however, since it increases appetite, it can help people with eating disorders.

  • Sativa/Indica: 50/50%
  • Flowering: 60/70 days indoors. End of September outdoors.
  • Height: 1-1.5m indoors. 2-3m outdoors.

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