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Outdoor Mix Regular by Sensi Seeds is a pack of 25 regular seeds with 5 of their best strains for the outdoors, so that you can have a varied garden of plants that withstand inclement weather easily.

Flavor Incense
Climate Hot
Effect Medicinal antidepressant
Genotype Sativa hybrid
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Outdoor Mix Regular by Sensi Seeds is a pack of 25 regular seeds with 5 of the best strains in the catalogue of this seed bank. It'll help you enjoy a diversity of genetics and flavours which makes it perfect for the regular smoker who gets tired of smoking the same strain and is able to recognize each of the varieties short after the start of the bloom. It can also be very helpful for the novice grower since it'll force him/her to sharpen his/her senses and learn to distinguish the different nuances of each plant.

We'll have 5 seeds of strains recommended for the outdoors which are strong and can even endure frosts, as long as they don't last many days.

Autoflowering Rudelaris Skunk and Rudelaris Indica are the ones that will be ready first. Then, after some weeks, we'll have Early Pearl and Guerrilla's Gusto. Early Skunk will be the last one and we'll cut it in October when it'll be totally ripe and full of buds. This pack will give you enough harvest work and great moments of tasting once the summer is over.

The strains you can find in this pack are:

  • Early Girl
  • Early Skunk
  • Guerrilla's Gusto
  • Rudelaris Indica
  • Rudelaris Skunk

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