Guerrilla´s Gusto Regular Sensi Seeds 10 Semillas Regulares

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Guerrilla's Gusto® Regular by Sensi Seeds is an indica-dominant strain backcrossed with several phenotypes to shorten its flowering period and increase its resistance to cold. As it names indicates, it's our ideal plant for "guerrilla" crops.

Flavor Citric
Climate Cold
Effect Medicinal relaxant
Genotype Mostly Indica
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Guerrilla's Gusto® Regular by Sensi Seeds was created to cover the needs of outdoor growers who needed tough strains, able to resist sudden changes of temperature like those experienced in the mountain. A true all-terrain that gives us the best of its indica phenotype. 

Indoors, it's a true luxury to grow this plant. You could say it grows like a Skunk of the highest quality, producing mid-sized plants with a very well-balanced stem/leave ratio. Thanks to its indica genes, plants are usually quite low, which makes it ideal for reduced growing spaces. Its color remains dark as long as temperatures don't go beyond 18°C. Buds are light green and tend to become red after 4 weeks of flowering.

We can grow the plant with minimal care art home, and once it has become big enough, take it to the countryside, plant it in the ground and leave it there until the end of the season. This strain needs quite a lot of water since buds are the size of an arm, hard as stone and astoundingly vigorous. We want to highlight the excellent capacity of adaptation of Guerrilla's Gusto in the Northern climates, where the hours of sunlight decrease as the summer moves on and humidity is lurking your crop during all the cycle. With minimal effort we'll be able to get great results and get 600g/m2 of the best weed with just one plant.

With a hard taste and a powerful effect, this wondrous strain will nail us to the sofa. Indeed, its high reminds a lot of Skunk, very physical and with a very cerebral come-down. Lemon notes and a slight touch of jasmine will flood your nostrils, making you fall for it. This great genetics is full of the most exquisite resin Sensi can bring us.

  • Sativa/Indica: 10/90%
  • Flowering: 50-65 days indoors. End of September outdoors.
  • Height: 0.8-1.5m indoors. 1.5-2.5m outdoors

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