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The SoftBox extractor fan is essentially a wooden soundproofed box with a Torin-Sifan motor inside. It’s one of the most silent motors on the market.

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If you’re looking for a silent extractor fan, the SoftBox is one of the best extractors that you can use for indoor cannabis growing.

It’s essentially a fan inside a soundproofed box – the fan is hanging in the middle of the box, suspended by four rubber strings so that the vibrations don’t go into the box. Efficient and effective.

It comes with the necessary metal offtakes, so there’s no need to acquire them separately.

Available in speeds from 1200m3/h to 7000m3/h.

Follow the chart below in order to figure out which model you need.

           Model                Dimensions    Weight      Watts        dB

  • 1200m³/h             48x48x60       22kg         184        34,4
  • 1500m³/h             48x48x60       22kg         414        36,7
  • 2500m³/h             55x55x68       33kg         644        39,9
  • 3250m³/h             55x55x68       34kg        1265        42,4
  • 4250m³/h             60x60x75       44kg        1334        45,2
  • 5000m³/h             64x64x81       51kg        1150        54,4
  • 7000m³/h             64x64x81       63kg        2250        56,1

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