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CO2Boost with Pump System will provide the necessary CO2 to increase your production. Small growers have the option to input CO2 in their crops without large investments.  

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Now, with CO2Boost, we can provide the necessary CO2 with a very simple system, completely natural and quite economical. Plants can take up to 6 more times CO2 than that there’s actually in the air. The more abundant this gas is, the faster and better our plants will grow.

CO2Boost is suitable for crops of 80 x 80cm up to 6m2, without gas bottles, heat, humidity or flames. You’ll obtain productions you’ve never seen before, just by using a bucket.

It has a 90-day life since its activation, so it will only last for a single crop, or up to two different tents, if we use the CO2 during the flowering, when the CO2 is needed.

This bucket comes with a pump but, once finished, you can by a replacement bucket, which is more economical. Once the bucket doesn’t produce any more CO2, it can be used as fertilizer for the plants, because all its components are organic.

Its best used placing the top of the tube at the height of the tips of the plants, to let the CO2 fall on them and be absorbed easily.

There are several solutions and tricks to maximise the production in indoor crops. This awesome and innovative CO2 generation system is one of them. This bucket contains a patented formula to generate CO2. It comes with a pump and a tube to expel the gas out. The direct result is a remarkable increase of the photosynthesis, yielding better and larger productions.

A product free of smells, completely natural, organic, easy to use and very safe. It has everything to become one of your new grow tools.

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