Replacement Bucket for the CO2Boost Kit


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Category CO2 enrichment

Replacement Bucket for the CO2Boost with Pump Kit. With this bucket, you’ll give life again to your simple but effective CO2Booster system for your crop.

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Replenish your CO2Boost generator with a new bucket to keep providing your plants with CO2 during the flowering stage and obtain larger crops in shorter times.

Our plants need CO2 to do the photosynthesis, and the more there is in the air, the faster and better they grow.

They also stand better the heat and it is a very safe system to use in small grow tents, because it’s completely natural and organic so it won’t affect human beings.

After it stops producing CO2, it can be mixed with earth to make a compost that will be very good for your plants during the growth stage. 

A very effective product that highly recommends if you want to increase the benefits for your plants and obtain large crops full of buds as hard as stone.


  • It doesn’t generate heat nor humidity
  • Smell-free
  • color-less
  • 100% natural and organic
  • Effective for 90 days
  • Includes an instruction booklet

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Category CO2 enrichment Reference Recambio CO2 Boost EAN13 14027021 UPC 18

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