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You can use your 90L water tank in different ways: to prepare your nutrient solution and use it with a watering wand, to use along with a water pump and to catch runoff water drained from your grow table.

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90L water tank. It's made of maximum quality PVC to ensure it doesn't not add any kind of toxic component, odor or flavor to water.

This water tank is very versatile. It's tough and made of black plastic. Its prime quality material ensure algae won't grow inside.

You can use it for everything you want but its original purpose is to fill it with water and connect it either to a water pump and supply an automatic irrigation system or to a watering wand for manual irrigation. It could also be used to collect water drained from a grow table.

In hydroponic settings, we recommend cleaning it at least once a week, washing it with water and a scrubbing it with a clean scouring sponge.

Dimensions of the 90L water tank:

  • 80 cm (length) x 50 cm (width) x 31 cm (height)

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Category Water tanks Reference contenedor-90L EAN13 13154001 UPC 29

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