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Digital Ec meter by Adwa. It includes a microprocessor for an immediate and stable measurement. Automatic calibration.

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Ec meter by Adwa will let you control all the parameters of the irrigation water. Measuring Ec of the water will be very easy thanks to its LCD screen that facilitates the reading of Ec values.

It features automatic temperature compensation (0-50°C) to provide precise readings. Besides, due to its fast microprocessor you won't have to wait for half an hour to get the reading.

The instrument is calibrated by means of a reduced-sized screw placed at the back and a 12880 calibrating-liquid envelope.

If you want your meter to last for a long time, you'll have to wash it with tap water after every use and dry the tip of the meter with a clean cloth without touching the probe. Then, all you have to do it is keep it inside its box until the next use.

Main specifications of the Adwa Ec meter:

  • Brand: Adwa
  • Model: AD204
  • Range: 0,00 to 1999 uS / cm
  • Resolution: 1 uS / cm
  • Precision ± 2% full scale
  • Calibration at one point (1413 uS/cm) 
  • Automatic temperature compensation: 0 to 50 ° C
  • Room temperature 0-50 ° C, maximum relative humidity 95%
  •  4 x 1,5 V batteries (included)
  • Batteries last about 150 hours in use
  • Dimensions 173 x 41 x 21 mm

WARNING: this meter is not "waterproof" and therefore, only the tip of the probe has to be submerged.

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