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Pen type Digital Ec meter. It is ideal to determine the amount of salts contained in irrigation water. Cheap and effective conductivity meter.

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This pen-type conductivity meter will let you know if there are too many nutrients in the irrigation water.

Each plant can stand different levels of Ec but the right average value tends to be around 1.6 for a nutrient solution and 0.3 for just water.

Those levels of Ec are difficult to attain without an osmosis filter, but they are ideal.

In order to calibrate them you just need Ec1413 calibrating liquid. With the aid of a screwdriver you'll have to bring it to the level of the liquid.

It is very simple and easy to use. All you have to do is introduce the tip of the meter in the aqueous medium so that the probe gets soaked and then, read the value displayed.

WARNING. This meter cannot be entirely submerged. If you submerge it beyond the part that comes with a cover (the probe), it might break irremediably.

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Category pH and Ec meters Reference Lápiz medidor Ec EAN13 07055040 UPC 24

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