R2.6 120 x 60 x 120cm Dark Propagator


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Dark Propagator R2.6 is the perfect grow tent used to root clones thanks to its small size, allowing you to root clones on its three trays. You can fit up to 12 propagators inside with their corresponding lights.

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Dark Propagator R2.6 by Secret Jardin is a small tent designed for rooting clones. You can fit 12 propagators with their own lights on the three shelves in this tent. It has a perfect structure that lets light through easily, allowing you to create the perfect cloning setting for your cuttings.

This perfectly-sized grow tent is perfect for placing underneath or on top of another system, allowing you to root hundreds of clones without anyone suspecting a thing. This tent is extremely discreet and equally as efficient.

It’s made out of top quality materials in order to ensure that absolutely no light gets out or in. It has three strong shelves from which you can hang white lights and grow your cuttings until you plan on transplanting them.

It’s well worth the money when it comes to quality, the amount of space it takes up and other aspects that make your job much easier.

Delivered within 48/72h.

The black trays included in the photo are NOT included.


  • Vertical tubular outlet for extractions.
  • Opening for electric cables.
  • Material that allows transpiration – no need for intraction.
  • Mylar reflective interior.

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Category Mother plants and clones Reference DP 120 x 60 x 120 cm EAN13 09046035 UPC 32

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