Dark Propagator v2.6 90 x 60 x 90cm


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The V2.6 90x60x90cm Dark Propagator by Secret Jardin is a grow tent that has the perfect size designed specifically for rooting cuttings and germinating seeds.

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Dark Propagator V2.6 by Secret Jardin is a grow tent designed for rooting cuttings and germinating cannabis seeds. It’ll make your life much easier and it’s completely opaque meaning that no light can get in or out; nobody will suspect a thing.

The Dark Propagator grow tent by Secret Jardin is made for small spaces height-wise, which is perfect if you’re just looking to root cuttings or germinate seeds. You can even grow your plants inside before they flower.

It’s made out of top quality materials just like the larger Secret Jardin models; light-weight aluminum that’s extremely resistant – the outside is covered in insulating Mylar and the interior is 95% reflective, allowing for plenty of light reflection.

Its small size makes it perfect for storing it away in any corner at home, or even on top of other grow tents if you have enough height-space.

These tents are delivered within in 48-72h.


  • Resistant structure.
  • Washable materials (both inside and out).
  • Reflective Mylar interior.
  • 2 passive ventilation grids.
  • 1 port for air extraction.
  • 1 port for cables.
  • Easy to set up.

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