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Fabric pots for outdoor growing. These pots air-prune your plants roots and can even be placed into the ground or another flowerpot if required.

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These fabric pots offer a whole new world of possibilities for outdoor growers – they’re made out of natural fabrics which are much more beneficial for your plants than typical plastic ones. They're similar to TexPot pots, although much stronger.

When your plants’ roots reach the edges of the pot, they go through a process of air-pruning, allowing your plants to grow their roots much more. It also gives your plants’ root system a bit more ventilation, increasing how much it can feed and how well it grows.

If you want to transplant your plants, you don’t even need to take them out of these fabric pots; simply fill up your new container or flowerpot halfway to the top and place the fabric pot with your plant inside. The roots will grow out of the pot and take over all the rest of the flowerpot. This saves quite a lot of time when it comes to transplanting.

Black pots attract more light than white ones, which is why they’re designed for growing outdoors at the start of the season – the natural thing to do is then to transplant them to larger flowerpots or even into the ground. White fabric pots can be used as end-game pots, not for transplanting, as they reflect the sun’s rays and avoid your plants’ roots from heating up too much. We have white and black fabric pots, from 1-50L in size.

Available sizes:

  • 1L – 12cm tall – 10cm diameter
  • 3L – 16cm tall – 13cm diameter
  • 7L – 17cm tall – 18cm diameter
  • 10L – 24cm tall – 18cm diameter
  • 15L – 28cm tall – 27cm diameter
  • 25L – 30cm tall – 35cm diameter
  • 50L – 37cm tall – 45cm diameter

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