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Large pots for large autoflowering plants. 18L containers for gigantic autoflowering plants. They will allow you to make the most of your largest automatic plants.

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Large-sized pots which allow your gigantic strains, like Deimos or Big Devil XL, to complete their whole cycle inside. These pots ensure they won't fall short of space for the radicular system and plants will be able to give their maximum yield. These pots let you get gigantic specimens with your autoflowering strains. Check prices per quantity.

These pots are not porous at all. They can be cleaned easily and effortlessly and used time and time again. They come with a mesh at the bottom (besides the usual drainage holes) that prevent roots from formin form a spiral on that area and cover all the holes.

Dimensions: 27 x 27 X 40 cm (18L)

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Category Pots Reference Maceta Especial Autoflorecientes UPC 16

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