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All Mix by BioBizz is a mix of the best pre-fertilized peats so that you do not have to add any more fertilizers during the first life month of your plant.

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With All Mix by BioBizz you ensure you give your cannabis plants one of the most complete substrates both as for nutrients and quality of its composition. As well as every soil has its different properties, in the case of All Mix it is a mix of the best peats which add it high water retention. It will be very suitable to plant in high temperature places; with just some water you will wet well all the substrate and it will stand longer without drying out too much.

Its high quality formula based on a mix of peats and worm humus makes it ideal during the growth period, without the need to add any more fertilizer during that phase and up to 30 days; however, remember adding a good root stimulator so that the roots can grow healthier and abundant. When the flowering phase arrives you will have to start gently adding flowering fertilizers in small amounts and increasing them little by little until getting the recommended dose during the fattening phase. The fertilization frequency also depends on the pot and the plant size.

This growing medium is available in bags of 20 and 50 liters. It combines perfectly with the range of BioBizz fertilizers for an organic crop of high quality, maximum flavour and the right quantity as for dry weight performance.

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