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Compact peat soil discs for sowing and cutting. The tablet swells in contact with water and becomes a base for the clone or the seedling. 33mm diametre.

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Jiffy-7, made of peat, 33mm, provides faster rooting thanks to the air pruning that encourages the root growth with plenty of root hairs inside the soil disc. This can shorten significantly the growing cycle and produce stronger and more compact plants.

Unlike other soil discs, Jiffy-7 comes in a compressed format that lets us keep the unused soil discs easily and safely for the next growing. Efficient storage is another advantage of Jiffy-7 as they occupy less than one fourth of the space that the regular ones need. Jiffy discs hydrate easily with a normal watering by leaving them soak for 5 minutes until they become cylindrical. The key to get all the seeds to germinate consists in draining it strongly between our hands until the last drop of water goes out; in this way the Jiffy is properly wet and not waterlogged as it usually happens. Now we can fix the Jiffy shape after the strong squeeze and we can put in our seeds or cuttings.

Every disc has a soft and drilled centre for a simple use when you put in your cuttings. The outer net, which is completely closed, allows you carrying the disc easily and without wasting any growing medium. Besides that, the discs include a fertilize especially formulated to provide the best start to young plants.

They are made with peat moss from carefully selected swamps under a rigorous internal and governmental inspection. The peat is taken form sources where the regeneration rate is bigger than the harvest one, so the local ecology is not affected negatively. 25% of coco fibre is added to the peat which gives result to a spongier and better aired final product.

By increasing its porosity the plant consumes less water and roots faster. Jiffy-7 is an organic product planet friendly; it is not toxic and provides cheap alternatives to growers different from plastic horticultural products or more expensive organic ones.

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