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Complete Mix by Top Crop is an ideal substrate to grow marihuana during its growing phase, cutting root and mother plants; it is manured with humus to root and grow cannabis.

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Complete Mix by Top Crop is a substrate prepared with a small dose of fertilizers so that your growing plants and cuttings can receive the nutrients they need. We can also use it if we usually water with fertilizers as the quantities it contains are minimal.

The first quality components it has let your plants develop a strong root system and assimilate great quantities of nutrients. It is an ideal blend of coco fibre, blond sphagnum peat, vegetable compost, perlite, a solid mixture of fertilizers and leonardite.

Complete Mix is a growing medium by Top Crop that is ideal for our plants when they are in the growing phase or cultures to which we add the manure. It is rather a light soil that comes nurtured with some worm humus for the first root and first growing phase of the plant. It is a substrate that airs well, of middle humidity retention among the three types in which we classify them. It is neither very dry nor very wet; it is ideal for temperate climates and indoor cultures. It is one of the highest quality substrates existing on the martket and at an affordable price.

Instructions to use Complete-Mix by Top Crop:

  • Fill your pots by slightly pressing the substrate, without compacting it.
  • You can add to the mixture NitroGuano, SuperGuano and TopVulcan to water with only water.

Composition of Complete-Mix by Top Crop:

  • Coco fibre.
  • Blond sphagnum peat.
  • Vegetable compost.
  • Solid blend of macro and micro nutrients.
  • Perlite.
  • Leonardite.

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