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Easily tell your plants apart with these push-in plant labels that are water-resistant and reusable – unless you break them, they’ll last forever.

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Easily distinguish all of the different strains of cannabis with these push-in plant labels – they’re made out of hard plastic and they have a wide area near the top where you can write the name of your strains.

Once you’ve harvested, use some rubbing alcohol to rub out the previous name and you can reuse it as many times as you want.

They’re resistant to bad weather conditions, so you can use them both indoors and outdoors with all kinds of plants – no more having to guess which plant is which.

You can use these labels to distinguish your mother plants and all of your clones, as well as any hybrids you’ve been growing; you can even mark which plants you’ve treated with insecticides or which plants have pollinated or not. Whatever the case may be, you’ll easily be able to identify your plants with these plastic labels that won’t release any toxic substances into the roots.

They’re about 17cm long; this is divided into 4cm for the label part and 13cm for the push-in part. They’re 7.7cm wide at the top, so you’ll have plenty of space to write everything you need to write. We recommend using a permanent marker, such as those used to write on CDs. They’re easy to clean with rubbing alcohol.

Sold in units of one.

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