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With the Easy Roller pulley kit you can easily adjust the height of your reflectors; with just one movement you can lift them up and the pulley will automatically block itself so they don’t come crashing down.

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The Easy Roller pulley kit is specially designed to make your life easier when adjusting the height of your reflectors in your grow tent; in just one swift movement you can lift them up. To lower them all you have to do is lightly undo the screw and tighten it again when it gets to the right height.

No more tying and untying ropes to adjust the height of your lights; with the Easy Roller pulleys you can get it done in a manner of seconds.

If you’ve raised your reflector up too tall and you want to lower it, just loosen the screw a little bit and keep the reflector balanced with your hands so that it doesn’t accidentally fall too low – once you have it at the right height, screw it back in and it’ll be at the perfect height. Now all you have to do is slowly raise it as your plants grow so that they don’t burn.

Once your grow is finish, loosen the screws again to lower your lights and start again – each pulley can put up with about 5kg, more than enough to put up with a Standard reflector, or Adjust-a-Wings.

If you have a heavier reflector, such as Spudnik or OG Kush, you’ll need to get stronger pulleys.

The Easy Roller pulley kit includes two units.

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