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Intense by Secret Jardin is a very large cannabis grow tent where you’ll be able to grow plenty of plants anywhere you want; fast and easy to set up.

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Intense by Secret Jardin is another amazing model by this astonishing brand, allowing you to grow large quantities of cannabis pretty much anywhere you want – it’s extremely easy to set up and you don’t need to attach anything to the wall or ceiling of the room you set it up in.

You’ll be quite surprised by how efficient this tent is. It keeps up with Secret Jardin’s standards in as far as quality, efficiency and space.

Its Orca reflective interior can reflect up to 65% and the walls are completely opaque, ensuring that no light can get in or out affecting your cannabis plants. Its aluminum frame allows you to hang any necessary accessories, although we recommend using lighter materials such as digital ballasts or aluminum lamps with a cooltube, as other devices tend to weigh a whole lot.

This professional grow tent is for professional growers. This specific model comes all the way from Belgium and need to be pre-ordered, taking up to 5 days to arrive.


  • Sturdy frame.
  • High performing Orca reflective interior.
  • Independent grow rooms for different plants or phases.
  • Up to 30% lighter and high thermic protection.
  • Possible to control lighting and atmosphere in each area.
  • No need to attach to the wall or roof.

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