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These cannabis drying racks have various compartments that allow for quite a lot of fresh buds to be dried in small spaces thanks to its vertical shape.

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You can use these drying racks to dry a lot of cannabis in a very small amount of space. It’s perfect for drying your weed in the same space that you’ve grown it, so you don’t have to move your plants around at all.

To use it all you have to do is hang it from the ceiling or somewhere else high so that it isn’t touching the ground, place your weed in the little shelves it has and give them plenty of space so that they’re not touching each other. Every now and then you’ll need to turn the buds a bit so that they don’t end up flat like the rack on the bottom. Once they’ve dried out a bit, you can stop moving them and leave them until they’ve dried up completely.

You can dry a lot of cannabis in small spaces with this rack, and it’s perfect to use in your grow tent with the extractor on as well as your odor filter. It’s available in two sizes so you can get one that’s big enough for the amount of weed you need to dry.

It’s perfect if you use a trimmer to trim your plants, as it de-stems your plants and it’s hard to dry them any other way.

Available sizes:

  • 55cm (8 shelves)
  • 90cm (8 shelves)

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