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Automatic leaf trimmer for trimming buds. Manicure your buds easily and with the minimum deterioration of your calyxes when they are handled.

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With this automatic leaf trimmer you just have to cut your buds off the branch and put them in the deposit, set the speed of the rotations and check it when it’s ready.

An instrument designed for commercial users who are looking to manicure their product the quickest way possible, and also, be able to trim a large quantity of bud with practically no effort.

It is very easy to clean after using, since you can take apart all the pieces.

With the clear dome, you can see exactly when the buds are ready and it’s time to take them out. It is recommended to remove the largest and toughest leaves, so that the machine doesn’t have to make quite so many rotations, however this machine can handle them.

This version comes with an AC current so that you can plug it directly into the wall, and just have to press a button and the machine will begin to do all the work for you. Thanks to this improvement, the task was simple, now it is ridiculously easy.

It does the work of 24 scissors in a record time, not even you with 24 of your best mates, could trim and manicure as fast as Leaf Cutter does.

It comes in two different sizes, 50cm is the smaller size and the larger has 40% more surface area, choose whichever best adapts to your needs.


  • Small Diameter 50 cm
  • Large Diameter 60 cm

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