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The Trimpro Original trimmer strips your buds of the flowers, and will leave you with some clean buds that are totally manicured and ready for drying.

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Now you can trim your plants with the least amount of effort and in the quickest way possible, with the Trimpro Original trimmer.

You can pass branch after branch through the grating and even entire plants, in a movement of top to bottom until they are left with no leaves, which doesn’t take long.

The leaves that are trimmed will fall off into a cloth bag which is the deposit, where you can later collect them to do hashish extractions with any method you choose.

You can clean the remains of the resin and use it, by scraping the machine with a piece of wood or something that won’t scratch the surface, because if you use something metallic and scratch the surface you will take off the non-stick surface, and in future uses even more resin will become stuck to the surface. 

If any piece of your machine breaks, we have replacement pieces of all sorts, like the blades or the grating. You also can choose from several models of grating on the market so you can get the best results for your plants.


  • Always use gloves when you use this trimming machine in order to avoid any accident.
  • Trimmers are tools that can present high levels of danger, especially for children. Please, keep children away from this machine at all times.
  • The edge of the blades is quite sharp and could also be a risk if it is improperly used or handled. You should always make sure that the machine is disconnected, before realizing any check up.



  • Assembled Machine: 45.5cm x 45.5cm x 68cm.
  • Packaging: 53.3cm x 53.3cm x 30.5cm.


  • Approximate weight: 13.6 kilos.


  • Structure and Grating Material: Aluminum.


  • Option 1: Wide Silence (STD): Large openings (11mm).
  • Option 2: Mixed Silence: Small and large openings on the same grating (6.3mm y 11mm).
  • Option 3: Original Wide: Large openings (11mm).
  • Option 4: Original Mixed: Small and large openings on the same grating (6.3mm y 11mm).

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