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Bloom pH Perfect, alongside Micro and Grow, makes for the perfect nutrient base for your plants’ growth and flowering period by simply changing the dosage of one of the products.

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Bloom pH Perfect, when used alongside Grow and Micro by Advanced Nutrients, creates the perfect nutrient base for your plants that can be used during both the growth period and the flowering period. Alongside Advanced Nutrients’ additives and an easy to understand nutrient chart, you’ll be able to get unimaginable yields.

With this nutrient base fertilizer you’ll also be able to give your plants the perfect pH level when watering, as it automatically adjusts the pH level of your water and soil depending on the additives you put in. This allows your plants to feed much better, as a correct pH means that they can absorb more nutrients through their roots.

With Bloom pH Perfect alongside Micro and grow by Advanced nutrients you can easily professionally grow your plants, and if you use specific Advanced Nutrients additives you can get even better results.

How to use & Dosage according to Advanced Nutrients:

 Young Plants: 2ml/L of each base nutrient

  • 2ml Grow, 2ml Micro and 2ml Bloom.

Large Plants: 4ml/L of each base nutrient

  • 4ml Grow, 4ml Micro and 4ml Bloom.

However, we recommend following a specific dosage chart depending on if your plants are in the growth or flowering phase:

Young plants:

  • Growth phase: 3ml/L Grow, 2ml/L Micro, 1ml/L Bloom

Adult plants or rooted cuttings:

  • Growth phase: 6ml/L Grow, 4ml/L Micro, 2ml/L Bloom
  • Flowering phase: 2ml/L Grow, 4ml/L Micro, 6ml/L Bloom


  • Nitrogen: 1%
  • Phosphorus: 3%
  • Potassium: 4%
  • Sulfur: 0.2%

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